How to Place Your Rug Perfectly

A beautiful home with beautiful garden area and all other necessary indoor and outdoor elements; you have got them all so, what next? The next step is that you place all your decor elements just in the right place to achieve the best visual appeal out of them.

Whether it’s your interior or the beautiful and serene garden place, you have to be extra cautious in finding the best place and the best companion to compliment your decor piece.

Out of all the decor elements in the world, we are going to focus on rugs and how to place them just right in your bedroom, living room, dining room, kids room and at your outdoor space if you have an outdoor carpet.


It’s your primary space you may want to give your best shot here. Following is the list of the things you should take care of while placing a carpet in your bedroom.

Things to do:

1. A gap is an essential factor between your rug and the walls. This gap should be at least around half a metre to provide the much-needed breathing space.

2. Make sure that it starts just where you bed ends. If you have tables aside your bed, then it must begin right after them.

3. Ensure that the carpet protruding beyond the bed if placed beneath is in correct proportion on both sides to maintain the balance in your room.

Dining Room

One of the important rooms which requires a lot of practicality. Have a look at the key points to keep in mind while doing it for your dining room.

Things to do:

1. The first golden rule is to have the legs of your dining chairs well on the carpet. Just in case, you don’t have that extra-large rug, all you need to do is just try placing the front legs on it.

2. While deciding the size of the rug, just measure the entire dining set and the space they cover and keep in mind few centimetres for all four sides in spare.

3. It is recommended to opt for flat rugs as they are more practical for moving chairs. Also look for one which is easy to clean as food and drink spills is always going to be there.

Living Room

A lot of families spend majority of their time in living areas. Here is what to keep in mind while placing a rug in your living space.

Things to do:

1. The most important element amongst all is the size. Keep in mind that the size matters the most when it comes to placing a rug in your living area. Avoid opting for a ‘postage stamp’ sized rug in your living area. The bigger the size of your rug, the bigger your room would feel.

2. One common golden rule is to place your furniture’s legs over your rug for an added and enhanced visual appeal. To achieve this, it’s important that your rug should be large enough to have all four legs comfortably on it.

3. Just in case, the size is not that big, you can at least try placing the front two legs of your surrounding chairs over your carpet.

Kid’s Room

It’s paramount to understand how to place your rug right in your kid’s room, after all they are your loveliest possession. Here is a list of few important points which might help you do it the right way.

Things to do:

1. Decide the best spot where your kid spends most of his/her time. You would want to provide a perfect cushioning for your kid where he/she spends most of the time. It could be anything. A corner around the window, a place just aside the bed or any random spot. Keep in mind that you are here compromising with the look and feel of the room by providing a cushioning to your kid’s tender skin.

2. Just in case, if there is no such spot, then you may want to place it just aside your kid’s bed.

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How to Make Your Interiors Ready for the Summers

How to Make Your Interiors Ready for the Summers

While welcoming summers, it’s important to give your interiors a light and airy look and feel. With winters gone, you can now say goodbye to coziness and bring in the lighter tone around the corner in your room.

Give your space a seasonal lift is not that difficult. A lot of people worry about it because this can up very high on the budget. Well, this traditional stereotype has to be changed which is why you must continue reading to get few tips and tricks and revamp your interiors without splurging much. It’s not always necessary to opt for a full-blown makeover. Few tine changes can create the best of the impact.

Big changes come with small changes…

Here is what you can do…

1. Try changing your bed sheets

Opt-for sheets which are made using breathable materials, like linen and cotton. Think of all the light and vibrant colours in the world and bring them in your room on your bed. We would advise you not to get too hung up on the thread count for a soft and luxurious feel. You should also keep in mind that this will bring the heavier sheet. A great solution for it could be opting for a layer of sheets with heavier one on the downside and lighter one at the top. This will solve the problem for the cold chilly nights.

2. Giving your windows a perfect seasonal dress code

Replacing dark coloured heavy curtains with lighter linen curtains is a perfect way to dress up your windows. Soft in appearance, these linen curtains allow air and natural sunlight to pass through it easily, giving your room a bright and breezy feel.

Note: If you can-try and create sync between sheets and the curtains with colours, this will further add up to create a unified and eclectic appeal.

3. Give your floors a vibrant look and feel with trendy rugs

Create beautiful flooring with trendy large area rugs and give your floor a cushioned feel. These rugs are a perfect way to create an x-factor in your room. They are practical, stylish and an awesome way to insulate your floors during chilly nights. There are plenty of options to choose from like the classic traditional rugs, cheeky and modern designer rugs, luxurious wool rugs, posh and sumptuous shaggy rugs and lots of others. Not just these, these rugs also come in plenty of design options. Few of the trends are geometric pattern, classic medallion pattern complimented with borders, all-time famous striped pattern and lots of others to give your floor a desired uplift.

4. Try incorporating natural elements in your room

Season flowers, wreaths on the doors, artificial fruits basket on your dining table; all these small elements can create an immense impact. Flowery decorative pillows and cushions, botanical motifs on blankets or curtains; these are few of the prime requisites of the season and you should consider having them around. Moreover, you can welcome natural flower if you are a true nature lover.

Rug Buying Guide: Acrylic Fibre

Rug Buying Guide: Acrylic Fibre

So, here we are with our second write-up on the rug buying guide. Today we’ll discuss about a man-made fibre _ acrylic. Like all the other fibres, acrylic also endows specific set of features and characteristics to the carpet.

Before we dive into the specifications, let’s first see where this acrylic yarn came from and when was it first developed? In the year 1944, DuPont developed the first ever acrylic fibre. In 1950, it was commercially produced for the first time. In the initial days, it was only used for outdoor purposes but with the advancement of technology, acrylic has travelled a long way, and is now popular choice for carpets.

The best of the fibres come from Japan and china, but for the layman, it is next to impossible to distinguish between the two. So, it is hard to notice the difference in quality between Japanese and Chinese acrylic fibres though it is Japanese acrylic yarn which is regarded as the best in class.

Acrylic fibre is known to provide striking colours and stain resistant features to the carpets. They are soft and luxurious fabric and are trendy in modern times due to their functionality and practicality. They are one of the most popular man-made fibres known to provide visual appeal and wool-like feel to your carpet. Their quality and visual appeal is second to none and they offer premium luxury due to super soft yarn. The best part about this fibre is that they well even with the vibrant colours and come out appealing. Rugs made of acrylic yarn are breathy, thus making them absorb and release moisture quickly. Well, the most important factor, especially for rugs is they resist moths, oil and chemicals. They are also resistant to sunlight degradation. Though, it is softer than wool, but it can have problems with crushing in high traffic areas.

It is important to understand the key features and characteristics of acrylic fibre.

1. Light in weight, soft plush pile and warm

2. They light and bright colours and are considered to be excellent colour fast

3. Rugs made of acrylic allow the fabric to breathe as they absorb and release moisture quickly

4. They are resilient

5. They retain shape and resist shrinkage and wrinkles

6. The aesthetic appeal of them goes well in sync with wool-like and cotton-like fibres.

7. These fibres are resilient

8. They are resistant to moths, oils and chemicals and also for sunlight degradation.

The greatest advantage of acrylic rugs is that they offer similar texture of that of wool fibre but at the lower price.

To summarize, these rugs are low-end, cheap and affordable rugs, which are not very strong and durable but they can showcase vibrant designs with good resilience and stain resistance.

We would ask you to keep reading and wait for our next upload with the third popular fibre and it’s characteristics in the rug industry.

A Guide to Flokati Rugs: Manufacturing and Cleaning Process

A Guide to Flokati Rugs: Manufacturing and Cleaning Process

Flokati_rugs have become a popular choice amongst many modern_day homeowners. They look beautiful and amazing in any decor set up and they are a good value for money courtesy of their durability factor.

Here is an insight on how your favourite flokati_rug is manufactured _

These rugs need to be specially manufactured to claim the name _ ‘flokati_rugs’ as per the guidelines set forth by the Greek government. The two paramount elements of them are _ the carpet should be washed under high pressure and it should contain at least 1800 GSM of pure wool. Unless it is not included in the manufacturing process, the carpet may lose its authenticity.

The fibre content of these rugs should be primarily and majorly pure wool rug _ especially New Zealand wool which is considered to be finest in the world. Flokati_rugs have been in the Greek traditions for centuries and this is due to its purity and high_end luxury. The manufacturing starts with the wool being spun in to the yarns using spindles.

Before anything else, the yarn is thoroughly washed under high pressure to get rid of any unwanted element. This also helps in making the yarn fluffier_as compared to the standard wool pile. Today, we have got advanced machinery to do our job but in old times, this process was done under waterfalls for approx 40 hours to cleanse and shrink the pile and make it amazingly fluffier_for which it is known around the world.

Just like you will do for creating a hand tufted rug, the yarns are made to create long loops and then sheared to form the pile. Owing to the complexities in the manufacturing process and the difference in the variations used around the world, it is hard to explain the manufacturing process in greater depth and detailing. Also, we can’t ignore the intricacies this rug bears in its design quotient which makes it even more difficult to explain.

Though, ideally flokati_carpet should be made from 100% pure wool yarn, still different countries have different way of producing it using different materials available with them or simply to make it affordable for everyone.

Care and maintenance: an important factor to keep in mind to enhance the life cycle of your rug

It is of paramount important that you take a good care of your rug in order to keep them fresh for years to come. A few tips to help you handle your rug when you unpack and unroll it.

  1. Shake well outside right after you unroll it

It’s normal that your carpet may have flattened during transportation. Don’t worry! You can handle it easily. All you need to do is just shake your carpet well outside and this will get your fibres back to its original upright position.

  1. Use a simple raking tool

A simple raking tool will further help in making the fibres stand erect and will also make the fibres_fluffier. Remember to rake your fibres gently. This may cause some fibre coming out of the backing.

To conclude the care and maintenance, just rake and shake well and you are good with your flokati_rug.

Washing tips for your flokati_carpets

Cleaning and washing your rug is an important factor which will help increase the overall life while making it beautiful, clean and tidy. You should keep a regular check for dirt and dust and keep it clean by washing it with the mildest of wool soaps to avoid any damage to the fibres.

Few important tips to avoid while washing your flokati_carpets _ avoid using high temperature water (hot water) simply because the fibres are made from wool, chlorine bleach and dry cleaning process as all of these could pose a damage to the protective layer of the pile. Exposure to direct sunlight could lead to distortion of colour.

Always keep in mind that a periodic check for dirt and dust or any unwanted spots will keep your rug inviting and appealing.

How to vacuum your rug?

Flokati_shags exhibit thick pile which needs extra precision while vacuuming. You will need to avoid a suction head with rotating brush as this could harm the pile as the fibres may get caught in it.

Also, you need to follow the golden rule of vacuuming in opposite directions to help the pile come back to its original position.

Well, if you are planning to buy a high quality flokati_rug online, we would recommend you to visit as they stock a beautiful collection at highly attractive prices.

When Should You Redo Your Flooring?

When Should You Redo Your Flooring?

While most people think about wanting their flooring redone when it’s old, cracked, and eaten away, that’s often the most expensive time to do it. Your floor gives you plenty of warning signs when it’s time to be pulled up and replaced with a new one, so knowing when to redo your floors and when not to is a good bit of knowledge to have.

First, you don’t always have to redo all of your floors. Sometimes only certain parts of the floor are damaged while the rest of them are completely fine. So before you start tearing out every bit of floorboard, make sure to assess which parts are damaged and which parts are still good. You might be able to just replace the broken tiles or the rotted wood, for a much lower price.

You can spruce up most floors with a bit of sanding and scrubbing or, if they’re tiled, by redoing the grout. However, if the flooring is old, smells, or the damage has gone through most or all of the floor, then you probably need to redo it.

Damaged floors can be a risk to your health, can potentially cause injuries, and can just make your house look dated. If the floors have become a lifestyle problem, then you definitely need to look at creating some replacements through some flooring installation Mississauga contractors provide.

Flooring installation in Toronto is different than getting some flooring installed in areas with very humid or arid conditions, so first keep an eye on the climate and ambient temperature inside the home. For the Toronto area, you want to look for flooring options that can weather the temperature swings, as well as the winter dry heat, inside your home. If you are replacing flooring in your kitchen, look for vinyl or laminate planking or tiles that repel spills so accidents don’t soak into the floor.

Figure out the types of benefits that you want your new floor to give you, and you’ll be well on your way to replacing your old flooring with a newer model. Also, keep allergies in mind when picking a floor, not just if you are allergic to certain types of materials, but also if you are allergic to something in the air. A thick carpet or rug can collect mold, dander, pollen, and animal fur.

If your allergens are collected into one spot, then you’ll be suffering the symptoms for much longer. Plus, you’ll have to clean your carpets a lot more during allergy season, which might be a deal breaker for you.