Showers and Tubs

The bathroom is a necessity. We use it everyday for our ablutions and it’s something we can’t go without. Imagine what it was like in the olden days before bathrooms became a thing and you’ll realize how lucky we are to be living in the times that we are.

Tubs and showers come in a wide variety of shapes,sizes and finishes. There are tubs and showers that are all one unit, tubs that don’t have a shower so you buy an attachment to use as a shower if you want one and showers that are stand alone units, whether sharing space in the bathroom with a bathtub or not.

Tubs can be the kind that sit against a wall so that the unsightly plumbing is hidden, and some have tiled or shaped surrounds to protect the walls against water damage. Tubs can also be stand alone, fancy or plain, coloured or white and can sit against a wall or window or simply sit in the middle of the bathroom floor. Taps can be of all varieties and come in so many finishes and styles it’s enough to make your head spin. You can choose for them to be shown or to be hidden and the pipes to either be a feature or be hidden.

Tubs can also be corner affairs that fit more than one person and can be jetted for an added relaxation factor. And then there are the showers. You can have a tiled one, one that is an all in one unit or one made entirely of glass. They can have seating, built in shelves for items and of course, many, many different types of shower head can be had.

You like rain? You’ll love the rain head shower, some even with air effects to further mimic a spring storm. Right in your bathroom. Imagine that. Then there are concealed units that sit on the ceiling, right above you but not noticed till needed. Talk about stealth! These give a lovely shower of water, are inconspicuous and are the epitome of minimalist design.

Sprinkles, waterfall, gushers, many nozzles or just one, shower heads have come a long way. There are even some with lights that can be programmed and some that are efficient in keeping the water temperature to a set standard so there is no risk of burns.

Renovate Your Old Bathroom Into a Master Bathroom

Renovate Your Old Bathroom Into a Master Bathroom


Half of the work is completed as soon as you find a reliable and trusted remodeling contractor. The process of remodeling the bathroom is quite complicated and challenging. You can follow the given tips to make an effective decision.


It is necessary to do research on your part instead of depending solemnly on the designs that the contractor shows you. Visit nearby showrooms selling washroom supplies, checkout various showers, taps, tubs, its design online and set your mind regarding what kind of technology you want to get installed in your bathroom. After getting an overall idea, contact your contractor for getting an estimate of the cost.


Taking opinions from neighbors or peers does no harm, in fact, you can take notes from their experiences and take precautions beforehand. Read the reviews online and you may contact the recent clients of the contractor and ask about their experience, quality of the services and work done by the contractor. These tips will help you in selecting a trustworthy contractor who will meet all your expectations. The fee for contractors varies according to the work, place, time, etc, so keeping in mind these factors, choose a qualified person for your remodeling project.


Remodeling the bathroom is a challenging task because of the many hidden costs and problem pops-up which you may never expect. So, it is important to set the budget beforehand that will cover the cost of such unexpected situations. Choose the accessories according to your budget, because the contractor fees, delivery charges, plumber or electrician fee is also involved in remodeling the bathroom. Do not expect all your expenses will get covered in the contract, there are few hidden expenses for which you have to pay separately from your pocket.


This aspect is often overlooked, but it is important to be on the safe side. A legitimate bathroom remodeling contractor will never hesitate to share such information with their clients. The proof will help you to check the credibility of the contracting company. Another important thing to keep in mind is to verify the validity of the license of the contracting company. Check they have certificates from legal government associations, such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association, etc. For this purpose, you may hire the services of such agencies. Remodeling of the bathroom is an expensive work, make sure to get it done by experienced and qualified workers.


Before making the final deal, scrutinize the contract to make sure it is legal and clearly defines the project plan, complete budget, a change-order clause (if any problem arises during the working period), warranty period, etc. Getting all these things in writing will serve as a proof in the future if any conflict arises between the client and contractor.

In Vancouver, if you are looking for the bathroom renovation contractors, contact bathroom contractors Vancouver to get the best deal of services. They have years of experience in this field. Their ultimate aim is to give quality services to the clients to meet their expectations.

You May Need to Rent a Porta Potty for One Among These Workplaces

You May Need to Rent a Porta Potty for One Among These Workplaces

The porta potty need is not just limited to the household usage or special occasions alone; you can also see these lightweight boxes doing wonders at many civil engineering workplaces too. The sanitation facility is essential at job sites to empower the well-being and restrict the health hazards caused due to poor restroom arrangements. Since the nature call is unpredictable, a single restroom wouldn’t be a viable option for a huge workforce. Constructing a restroom for a temporary need could be a sigh of relief, but cleaning it on frequent days would irk you often. However installing a porta potty unit is a mindful thought; it can be relocated as per your convenience and also reduces the odor smell for regular usage, so the hassle of maintenance is less in a ratio in contrast to the constructed bathroom.

The units are manufactured by plastic materials, which lessen the weight of the product and make it easy for the cleaning process. So, we can say that a nice rental deal could save your pocket for the next spend, whereas constructing a restroom is a bit costlier. Regardless of renting a porta potty unit only for construction sites, you can also rent one for other job sites too; perhaps the requirement of toilet facility could be for shorter or longer time duration, but considering the intent of renting a couple of units would appreciative. On the other hand, the mobility of the unit allows roadside works to relocate the unit as per requirement.

There are numerous instances where you need to rent a specific type of the unit intervening the requirement and budget limit. For instance, few basics such as understanding the need of temporary restroom based on the type of outdoor location (event, workplace, special occasion) that you are planning to organize, and the approximate number of individuals to use the facility would be beneficial to make a firm decision.

The requirement of the temporary restroom is not limited to one, two or any certain number for different types of outdoor workplaces. As stated earlier, irrespective of construction workplace, there are few civil works where you need porta potty in action to ensure the safe way to access the restroom. And the below list depict the same.

Types of civil works:

Factories: Shipyards; breweries; chemical works; coke ovens and furnaces

Health: Hospitals, welfare centers, junior special schools, handicapped and for rehabilitation centers

Offices: Banks, exhibition centers, private companies

Entertainment: Concert halls, film studios, swimming pools, sports ground, stadiums,

Agriculture: Farms, greenhouses, market gardens, remote places

The relevance between workplaces are likely few; hence the arrangement of restroom ought to be planned as per requirement. Since the numerous verities of porta potties are available for rental, the customer can choose any specific model based on the necessity. For example, the restroom at the shipyard should be feasible to relocate comfortably on a timely basis thus the unit with trailer facility would be the best option. And in special schools, installing ADA compliant portable restroom is suggestive to provide a comfortable access to the user, whereas the slip-resistant surface and the hand holding bars allow users to move wheelchair inside the cabin comfortably.

Gathering the basic details to rent a restroom would be beneficial, you will have a clear picture of your requirement, and also it is helpful to find a suitable unit without any complication. If you are wondering how to start collecting the details, then the below opinion could do the trick for you

Type of outdoor location: Whether it is a construction workplace, temporary business, or any job site

Number of users: Have an approximate calculation on the number of users per day

Required facilities in the unit: The facilities provided inside the unit varies from one another; hence you have to search for the product which matches your requirement

Type of rental plan: There are two types of options given by service providers to the customers, short-term and long-term rental plans. Based on your requirement you need to select the suitable plan

Approximate budget: Having an approximate budget limit would help you to plan the restroom arrangement in the least expensive way hence it could save your pocket from additional spending

The intent of renting a porta potty conceives various thoughts about arranging sanitation facility at outdoor space. Perhaps we get perplexed by numerous rental options and end up choosing an expensive rental deal maybe this could be the reason why many of us drop the idea on renting a porta potty on numerous occasions. But one smart move can save you from unhygienic activities without hurting you pocket weight. Rent smartly!

Porta Potty Direct offers a wide variety of porta potty options to rent for customers residing across the United States. With highest preference to customer satisfaction, we are now providing satisfying customer support service nationwide. for more details visit us at or reach contact us at 877-240-4411.

Most Elderly Falls Occur In The Home?

Most Elderly Falls Occur In The Home?

Many believe that most elderly falls occur in the home. Actually, statistics show that men are more likely to fall in the garden, garage, or on a walkway around the home, and women are more likely to fall inside the home. Generally speaking the research shows women are 2.7 times more likely to have a fracture as a result of a fall.

The New York Times had an interesting article about falls in the home, in this particular article “The Most Dangerous Room in the House?” by Paula Span, and YES, you probably guessed it already; The Bathroom. The article was not actually conclusive about which part of the house that senior fall injuries most often occur, but conventional wisdom points to the bathroom, stairs, and kitchen.

The CDC does track the number of elderly senior falls in the home, but doesn’t keep track of which rooms are more prevalent to falls. In this article the author suggests several things that can be done around the home to prevent falls. There is some research on the subject suggesting that because the elderly is apt to fall in bathroom due to slippery surfaces and maneuvering in and out of a bathtub for instance, they are more careful, thus less likely to fall. However when a fall does occur, it can be more serious.

I’d like to remind people that getting out of the bathtub or shower can be dangerous as an elderly person is vulnerable being off-balance and having wet feet. This is why registered in-home caregivers are trained in how to mitigate these circumstances. Of course, having someone help you with bathing and private times is tough on one’s psyche. Most all caregivers understand this fact, and do their jobs with dignity and respect, treating clients like family. If not, it’s time to switch caregivers.

Having a caregiver at home sure helps prevent falls although there never any way to 100% guarantee a fall won’t occur at some point, often seniors want to be independent and they’ll try to do something alone they shouldn’t out of self-pride. When there is a strong caregiver-client relationship and a bond of trust an elderly client is much more likely to ask for help and accept the caregiver’s assistance.

Luckily, only about 1:100 home falls result in injury, and that’s because of things like carpet, grass, and the resilience of the human body. Having a caregiver is a very smart way to cut down on the number of potential falls, and the client-caregiver relationship makes all the difference in the world. This relationship is even more paramount when traveling to a doctor’s appointment, going to the store or even out for coffee. We take the safety of our clients very seriously, never taking unnecessary risks.

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